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Le Beau Grotesque - A Guro-Lolita Community

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new shop coming soon [18 Apr 2013|11:06am]

Hi there!

I am almost done with my Etsy shop for Guro lolitas, and  I also made a facebook page  for my creations :D

So chek it out!!

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I would really appreciate your help :) [06 May 2012|04:38am]


Hello everyone!

I have long admired the Lolita lifestyle, so when I had a chance to choose a topic for my anthropology class, I really wanted to write a paper about it. I am captivated by the Lolita look and lifestyle. It is something I could definitely see myself becoming. I dearly wanted to attend a meetup, but couldn’t find anything in my area. I would be so grateful if you could take a few minutes to help me by answering the following short list of questions!  =^.^=

1. How did you decide which Lolita style best suited you?

2. Do you think most people who dress as Lolitas have higher than average income? Do you know of anyone with limited income who successfully dresses in Lolita?

3. Is there a male counterpart to a Lolita? Do you personally know any?

4. What would prevent someone from being a part of the Lolita community?

5. Do different types of Lolita get along together? For example, would an elegant gothic Lolita/aristocrat be good friends with a guro Lolita?

6. Do you dress as Lolita as part of a social statement? If so, what are you trying to communicate?

If you’d rather answer privately, you can email me at bohobetty3@earthlink.net.

Thank you very much for your help, this means so much to me!

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[29 Apr 2012|10:56pm]


Okay! hi! i am a long time lurker, and i was going to get on here a lot sooner. ><

Anyways, I don't have any 'official' lolita dresses, but i did make two of them i wanted people to see! If you are interested, i'm thinking about making a tutorial it! 


I bought this dress at a Macy's for 10$. 


Second dress I got from a Maurices for 35$. (i just happened to walk by and saw it from the window). And the lace is from an old shirt I no longer wore tied into a hair bow/ribbon. The color is much more dark than the first one, and I think i liked it better though I feel like the splatter isnt as good. >3<

And, below are the shoes and socks I did for the dresses. Just socks from Hottopic on sale fore 3$ and the shoes from Target for 5$ The paints i used were only about 3-5$ as well. ^_____^ I love making this stuff. :D Please let me know what you think!! :D


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DS!: Pure white, handmade Shiro/Guro Lolita dress, perfect for splatting with blood! [15 Apr 2012|08:59pm]

[ mood | cold ]

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WTB: Eye Patches! [10 Apr 2012|06:26pm]

I'm wondering if anyone here has an extra Japanese style eye patch they might be willing to part with? I need one for an upcoming event, but I only have about 2 weeks and don't want to spend $17 on EMS shipping for a Jbox/Jlist one when the darn thing probably only weighs 3-4 ounces. :(
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GLB and Guro [31 Mar 2012|09:11pm]

Hi!  I received my GLB this week and wehat a surprise!! there is Guro in the vol. 42 and 43!!!!

I did some scna that you can see on the facebook page I made and also for the french speaking people there is this forum I am on that I putted more scans of the vol. 42 and 43 ;) 

( if you dont speak french you can use google translate to understand what people say on that forum ^.^ )



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Selling Bodyline Bloomers [29 Mar 2012|06:25pm]

Selling a pair of guro bloomers!

Bodyline Bloomers (long sold out online): $14
These bloomers have been worn once for a day at a convention. Note that I do NOT wear my bloomers as underwear, otherwise I would certainly not be selling these. These bloomers have no stains or tears - still basically in new condition. However, these run pretty small. I only recommend these for relatively thin/petite girls. They've got a teensy bit of stretch, but barely - the waistband is deceiving. They LOOK stretchy, but they don't stretch much and still remain comfortable; they start to feel too tight veeery quickly. There is NO shirring around the legs.

Flat measurements:
Top of waistband: just a tiny bit over 12"
Leg opening: just a tiny bit UNDER 9.5"

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Black shoes with a white dress... Opinions? [23 Mar 2012|09:26pm]

[ mood | confused ]

So, myself and some friends would like to try wearing guro lolita for a zombie walk that's coming up. I want to wear an all-white dress with blood splatters, but the only shoes I have are a black gothic/sweet lolita style pair. Should I buy a new pair? I was thinking RHS, but then I'd be really tall, and tower over my friends! So perhaps something with a small heel? Or could black shoes possibly work with a white dress? I don't know what to do >.<

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[21 Mar 2012|10:21am]


I am a seamstress that makes accessories and clothes. 
I am from Canada
I can either make an apron with blood on it. ( actually its paint for fabrics ;)
Or I can make dresses, skirts, blouses, and accessories such as bows, wirstcufs, some bags, and jewelery, flowers on hair pins...

I can also do the blood splatter on you clothes.
All the shipping fees are on you, if you choose to send me the clothes you want to have blood slpaater on it.

Here is some of my work. 

Bleeding heart apron
This one is make with red satin but I usually use cotton poplin or twill.
The white part is cotton embroidered and the frill part is polyester and cotton sheer with flocked bows on it.
I did the blood* splatter with fabric paint.

Close up
I did the heart by hand not with a stencil, as wel for the rest of the blood splatter

Anna house blouse with an ofbrand skirt and bows made by me.

Close up of the bows

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Coming Soon... [21 Jan 2012|12:30am]

[ mood | busy ]

I've just started selling my first items online and finally have an online presence for my wee hat and accessory business The Guillotine. It's only beginning and it will take a while to take off properly as I'm about to move islands, but I thought I would post here and bring attention to it as a 'watch this space' affair because... there will be Guro accessories! Mostly The Guillotine makes hats, but I'll be branching into eyepatches, gloves, cravats, chokers, and whatever else would make a good accessory. I plan on making a range especially for our beloved Guro, since Guro accessories and certainly hats are difficult/impossible to find.

If you're on facebook, the page can be found HERE. Like it today and help me out, and keep an eye out for bloody bits and pieces to adorn your Guro outfit! :D The Etsy shop can be found HERE.

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[05 Jan 2012|11:43pm]


Please join us for the Macabre Fair April 13-15
Tickets right now are on sale for as low as $10, but hurry prices go up at midnight on Jan. 31
In Rockville Center New York right next to the Rockville Center Train Station
Applications will be up on our website soon for the Neo-Victorian Fashion show and Lolita Fashion show
Please go to: www.MacabreFaireTickets.com for tickets and more information
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Gothic/Guro looking Vial Perfume OIl [03 Oct 2011|11:03am]


Sweet Violet's Delirium on Etsy

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Guro lolita on facebook [29 Sep 2011|10:12am]

Hi everyone!!

I love Guro lolita and want to share it with you guys. 

I have made a Facebook page writthen in french and english. 
You can come there to discuss about Guro, your fabulous outfit and more!!   You can share your inspirations and connect with other Guro or Guro lovers.

The link:

I hope to see you there!!


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Bloody my apron up for me? [08 Aug 2011|03:16pm]

Alright. So I'm debating buying a lolita apron because y'know, like many people I don't really want to bloody up a dress. But I don't have a lot of free time, nor am I comfortable splattering something myself, because I just don't think I'd do that great of a job. D: I'm wondering if anyone here would ever be willing to basically make (preferably using materials that are as long-lasting as possible) and splatter some blood onto a white apron for me. Obviously I'd pay to ship it out to you and then have it sent back, and pay for your splattering services (ROFL) as well.

There are people on Etsy I could contact, but I thought I'd check here too. I don't have the apron yet, but I want to locate someone who could splatter it before I make my purchase.
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[28 Jun 2011|03:48pm]

Hi guys, long time lurker here.
Im a tattoo artist by appointment and my specialty is both the cute and grotesque.
If anyone would like to see my work, send me a message.
Really guys, nothing better to put the guro in your loli-chan like some nice ink :}
Oh and im in Texas.
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How silly... [05 May 2011|11:06pm]

I'm having trouble finding the dumbest, most simple thing.


WHERE ARE THESE? Argh! All I'm finding are tan band-aids or band-aids with Spongebob on them. I just need some small, solid white bandages that I can use just like in that picture.

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Contest/Giveaway! [23 Mar 2011|03:14pm]

Hello! *waves* I'm a longtime lurker, and lover of guro-lolita, (obviously! ;)

Anyway, I'm giving away a mask, red heart eye patch, bandages, and toy therapy pills!

You just have to submit a photo in your best bloody outfit. All the info is here!
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Hey! :D [09 Jan 2011|01:45am]

Hello :D Im very glad to have found this community. Its always nice to see other people's variations and styles :>
Its very nice to meet you all :3

Anywho, Im sort of a new guro loita, but my lack of sewing skills and poorness has prevented me from giving it a go. I will be attempting it at AX 2011 (or Club to the Max, depending :P) The style is so lovely, but I always have the constant need to experiment :D
So I thought you guys would like to see a design I made:


Im still going to play around with this, as I'm still trying to find out what I like most about the style and how to incorporate that into the outfit :D
So far, arms slings are a no XDD

I want it to have a straight jacket sort of look ( you can see that the sleeves aren't really in this, as I wanted to show the accessories)

So yea. Hope you like it and hope to post more designs and pictures and ideas on here! Imsoexcited. :D
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First-timer [27 Oct 2010|03:08pm]

Okay, so this Halloween I'm dressing up as a Guro Lolita...this is the first time I'm attempting Lolita in general.

Read more...Collapse )
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