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Need some help here

Why hello, it's my first time posting here because believe it or not my parents think walking around in a blood-splattered dress is weird.

Anyway, I have some edited pictures of medical diagrams from Gray's Anatomy (from the 70s) and I would like to mash them together to form a dress print. However, I don't have photoshop and ms paint isn't exactly good for these kinds of jobs. Would anyone here happen to know of a way that I can combine pictures into one image, that doesn't require me to buy any expensive software? or better yet, does anyone here have such a program that wouldn't mind mashing the pictures together for me? I don't really want a border print, though if someone knows how to do THAT it would be awesome, I just want like an allover print that would basically require arranging the pictures side-by-side in a way that would be interesting and would loose too many of the details.

If this print actually gets made I'll post a copy here :) I'm not greedy, just don't try to use it to sell or anything.
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