Frankenfreyja (cherryadvocaat) wrote in le_grotesque,

Coming Soon...

I've just started selling my first items online and finally have an online presence for my wee hat and accessory business The Guillotine. It's only beginning and it will take a while to take off properly as I'm about to move islands, but I thought I would post here and bring attention to it as a 'watch this space' affair because... there will be Guro accessories! Mostly The Guillotine makes hats, but I'll be branching into eyepatches, gloves, cravats, chokers, and whatever else would make a good accessory. I plan on making a range especially for our beloved Guro, since Guro accessories and certainly hats are difficult/impossible to find.

If you're on facebook, the page can be found HERE. Like it today and help me out, and keep an eye out for bloody bits and pieces to adorn your Guro outfit! :D The Etsy shop can be found HERE.

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