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Bloody my apron up for me?

Alright. So I'm debating buying a lolita apron because y'know, like many people I don't really want to bloody up a dress. But I don't have a lot of free time, nor am I comfortable splattering something myself, because I just don't think I'd do that great of a job. D: I'm wondering if anyone here would ever be willing to basically make (preferably using materials that are as long-lasting as possible) and splatter some blood onto a white apron for me. Obviously I'd pay to ship it out to you and then have it sent back, and pay for your splattering services (ROFL) as well.

There are people on Etsy I could contact, but I thought I'd check here too. I don't have the apron yet, but I want to locate someone who could splatter it before I make my purchase.
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