YSIZMM No. 026 (ysizm) wrote in le_grotesque,
YSIZMM No. 026

Hey! :D

Hello :D Im very glad to have found this community. Its always nice to see other people's variations and styles :>
Its very nice to meet you all :3

Anywho, Im sort of a new guro loita, but my lack of sewing skills and poorness has prevented me from giving it a go. I will be attempting it at AX 2011 (or Club to the Max, depending :P) The style is so lovely, but I always have the constant need to experiment :D
So I thought you guys would like to see a design I made:


Im still going to play around with this, as I'm still trying to find out what I like most about the style and how to incorporate that into the outfit :D
So far, arms slings are a no XDD

I want it to have a straight jacket sort of look ( you can see that the sleeves aren't really in this, as I wanted to show the accessories)

So yea. Hope you like it and hope to post more designs and pictures and ideas on here! Imsoexcited. :D
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