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(some of this is from daily_lolita, but I addes some stuff at the bottom with info about me painting the dress and such:)

I finally got to try my hand at Guro-Loli last night, which I've been dying to try for awhile. I had a photoshoot for the Blow Up LA flyer which is a zombie and gore theme this month in celebration of the upcoming novel that turns Pride and Prejudice into a Zombie story, No I'm NOT kidding.... Anyhow here's how it came out!

OP: Bodyline (painted by me)
Socks: Metamorphose temps de Fille
Headbow: Ergi by Piratesan
Shoes: Montreal
Styling: laila_astri
Moral Support and Modelling Direction (aka BEND OVER MORE): kochoumacabre


And then because it's funny and shows more poses, laila_astri made a desktop wallpaper lol. If you are crazy enough to want it as your desktop, click on it and go to all sizes on the flickr page. But, you might have issues if you want me on your wallpaper lololol.

lauran made a desktop wallpaper out of me LOL!!!!

I bought the OP from Bodyline for $56 USD, which was a STEAL considering how detailed it is. I decided to go with Acrylic paint for the dress so it would be permanent. I was a bit nervous painting it because i have NO artistic skills, but I went for it and I'm pleased. I mixed the paint with water to give it a thinner consistency for putting it on, and then layered it until I got the color that I desired.

making a guro-loli dress
making a guro-loli dress
making a guro-loli dress
making a guro-loli dress

For make up we layered on bruise make up and fake blood. And I raided the first aid cabinet at work to get all my bandages. I think it turned out kind of awesome:) Hope you like!


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